Wednesday, December 20

Winter Break

Ahh, one of the perks of being a teacher is all the vacation time. The boy and I took our time traveling to SoCal. We took Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) the whole way from San Francisco to Long Beach. What a gorgeous driving, winding ones way along the pacific ocean. Except for the mild car sickness that ensues between Carmel and roughly San Simeon (75 miles or so), it was the perfect way to go. We stayed one night in Carmel and window shopped at all the outrageously expensive boutiques. Then on our second night we stayed in Cambria, CA at the J. Patrick House B&B. We had a lovely big room with a fireplace, they set out menus to all the local restaurants for you to peruse over wine with your fellow guests in the evening and then when you get home from dinner you find ice cold milk and cookies waiting for you. And unlike our stay in Hawaii, this one did come with breakfast, a delicious 2 course breakfast at that! It was wonderful!

And now were down here in freezing, literally, Southern California. William assured me I wouldn't need my winter coat and of course they've had record breaking cold. His parents don't have central heat so we've moved on to his sister's. We're doing a lot of nothing: sitting around reading, I've been knitting up a storm and we've been on the verge of breakup after several games of Blokus. Yay, winter vacation!

Tuesday, December 5


When I'm working it's always so long between posts. Since last posting, I've been to three weddings, Ohio for Thanksgiving and have been working my ass off to have all but 4 students (out of 20) in my 6th/7th Algebra and support class failing. It's a frustrating year work wise. Enough to make me consider actually going back to Quorum where I was selling my soul as opposed to just working with little devils in disguise. Example today I had a mother tell me she's "raised her son to never appologize" and that "sometimes the only way to be heard is by talking back."

Housing situation has been rough too with an ongoing furniture saga, house getting broken into, etc. However, living with the boy is good, good, good.

And now here we are, 9 days until xmas break. 2 weeks off. One week with his family and then a week of spontaneous last minute travel deals, please let it be a cruise!