Monday, October 24

Teaching Makes you Bipolar

I've always considered myself as one of those girls who usually has her emotions in check. I'm much more likely to try and analyze what I'm feeling rationally. I love my life and am used to being happy every day.

Teaching has thrown a wrench into all of that. My daily mood fluctuates hourly. Up and down like a roller coaster. It's a bizarre experience for me. I have my "good" class in the morning, honors just before lunch which can be good or bad depending on how engaged I can get them and then after they've juiced up on sugar, been outside sweating in PE I get my most "challenging" class. The one that makes me at times want to shout in delight, but mostly has me close to pulling my hair out. I've yet to cry in front of them, yet to cry at all honestly, but it's always a test.

I've turned to music for help. Playing their cds, sometimes mine, is such a motivational tool. Which of course I should have suspected.

I'm not posting very much because I'm working all the time. Really, me, strange I know. And I'm back to traveling on weekends, Seattle to see Josue at the beginning of this month, Phoenix last weekend, Healdsburg last night for a Pirate Prom at Roshambo Winery (man, I love their parties. Grrrrrrr!!!) and next weekend down to Orange County to go to Knott's Berry Farm which becomes Knott's Scary Farm for Halloween. I'm going with the boy (yes, there is a boy in my life now and he kicks ass and likes to travel as much as me) and we're taking his 12 year old nephew and staying with his parents. Yes, I'm meeting the family. No, I'm not scared, really excited actually :)

Is this it? Am I actually returning to grown up status with a responsible job that has a fixed schedule and a salary and a stable relationship?


4 years and going strong

Two weekends ago marked the 4th annual gathering of a group of friends. Each year we go to a different city and delight in each others’ company and delicious food prepared by and for each other. So far we’ve seen Seattle, Bend, Oregon, Victoria, BC and now this year, Phoenix, Arizona together. I got a sub, and flew out Thursday night. Friday was spent at the Fairmont’s Willow Stream Spa. It was expensive, I’m not going to lie. But the whole day spent there enjoying the luxury was worth every penny. They have a delightful well, everything. Hot tub (actually that could have been hotter), cold plunge, steam room, dry sauna, room temperature eucalyptus inhalation room and Swiss shower (12 jets set in the wall to spray you from all directions) all for women only. Co-ed outside was a “waterfall treatment pool.” A waist depth pool that was warm with 3 waterfalls of different strengths pouring into it. Stand or kneel under them for a shoulder massage. I could live in one of those. Free muffins in the morning, cookies in the afternoon, iced and hot tea all day. An atrium area that was shaded to relax in, a pool with lounge chairs and trellising. Ah, it was lovely. Everyone should experience spa days at least once a year. We had a slight run in with the food but after I talked with the manager that was taken care of and my pedicure later in the day with a shoulder rub, foot massage and paraffin treatment made me forget all about it. Saturday we hiked Camelback. A short hike at just over a mile but it was straight up. I’m not kidding. It was rough, but rewarding with beautiful views. Then a trip to our favorite spice store Penzey’s. The best part though is having a group of friends who travels to see each other. It was grand. Who knows where we’ll end up next year… San Francisco? Vermont? Atlanta?

Sunday, October 2


Anyone remember that Seinfeld episode?

Ok, it's been forever since I posted. I know. I've taken a job teaching algebra at a high school in the Mission. I'm also going to school simultaneously to get my teaching credential. And coaching cross country. I sleep very little and spend many hours at schools. But I'm LOVING it. I have so much fun, I love my kids (freshman) and my classes, even the one that's really hard to handle.

Last night, I went out to see the opening night of Serenity, the movie based on the Firefly tv series created by Joss Wheadon. It's so good I'm going to see it again tonight. Loved it. Loved the serires. Thank you, Joss! Even if you haven't seen Firefly, Serenity is still great and I mean great. Yay!!