Thursday, April 29

Hit the Ground Running

Bree and I got out Friday night, landing in Moscow at 2 a.m. (technically Saturday). After far too few hours of sleep, I was headed to school at 8 a.m. for IB revision sessions. Then Saturday night was prom - James Bond Themed!

Prom was once again held at the US Ambassador's "house." The ball room seats around 150, so I use the word house lightly. There's a picture of him with his family and the Obama's in the foyer. But when it's full of students, it's hard to imagine dignitaries there. The dresses this year were the best I've seen - mostly long, very classy and classic. I wish I had some more pictures of them, but I felt a bit rude and voyeuristic taking them.

Here are the prom king and queen though, my students in grade 10 and in grade 12.
Prom King and Queen

These two were my students in grades 10 and 11.
J & G

And these girls, well, one has been in my advisory for 10th and 12th grades, and both of them were heavily involved in and traveled with Thai Challenge this year. Further, they supported my Buffy then Angel addictions and love Joss Wheadon as much as I do.
Twin Sandwich!

As always, more photos on flickr.

Sunday was the International Fair. This offered great food but it was SNOW/HAILING and there were waaaayyy to many people for my comfort level. The great thing about the international fair is that they were all speaking languages other than English and Russian!

Sunday night was book club - The Eyre Affair - I LOVE this book. Unfortunately I was the only one...

Then back to a "normal" schedule, except that before break, I agreed to dance in the talent show. I'd forgotten just how much rehearsal time goes into creating a good dance. Mr. A was a huge help with the choreography and yesterday I got up on stage and did a 2 minute solo to All That Jazz - the Bebe Neuwirth version (see her dancing it here).

It's been 12 years since I've been on stage. I'd forgotten how nerve wracking it is to be under the bright lights, not able to see the audience. And since I'd only learned the steps the night before, I forgot half of them. Shockingly, at the end of the night I earned an audience vote to move on to the finals tomorrow night! I'll try to get some photos.

Tuesday, April 20

I never thought I'd say this

But I'm ready to go back to Moscow.

We're stuck in Southern France due to the volcanic ash debacle. We're going on our 11th day, of what was supposed to be 7. Thankfully our hosts are AMAZING. Come stay here at Mazamet Central ()

And really this spot, their house, it's all ideal. We've been able to go to Carcassonne (where they filmed Robin Hood Prince of Thieves), Castres and other amazing French towns. The wine (cheap and delicious), the cheese (stinky and delicious), but it's really difficult to send lesson plans from here.

So I'm ready to go home. Meanwhile, I'll go have another pain au chocolat.

Tuesday, April 13

Things I want to write about

Reminders for myself of at least 4/5 posts I want to compose:

More about Cappadocia

More about A's visit

Perhaps a birthday/goals for the new year post

About my current trip to Southern France

Have I traveled too much?

Friday, April 9

Playing with St. Basil's

Playing with St. Basil's
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I have things to write about, awesome things I've been doing and have done. But the motivation isn't here at the moment. Instead, I"ll tell you that my dear friend A was just here. She and I have been friends for 13 years. We had fun playing tourist in Moscow. I hope she and her squeeze will come to see me in Amsterdam too :) Her she is holding up part of St Basil's. One of my favorite photos from her time here.

Saturday, April 3


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I've got some Cappadocia photos up. There's not mine as I forgot my camera!! (Can you believe it? So ridiculous!) However, this gives an impression. It was stunning all the time. It all looked like this, well not true, there were red hills and mountains and many more Fairy Caves. There's more to write, just not today.