Wednesday, June 16

Moving Day

It's strange watching strangers pack up your life. I look at the things I've acquired living here - carpets and yarn mostly, but also Russian souvenirs - things I never thought I'd have. As well as the items that have been in so many different houses with me - mostly kitchen wear. I still have the plates that Ashish and I bought together for our first house out of college. My guess is he doesn't have his half anymore, but I should ask him. Because he, way more than me is a collector. Then I've got the board games - a fetish finally honed in California, though I've got 2 chess sets from college days as well.

However, the movers, they don't care about my stuff or my memories, so in just under 3 hours, they've packed up my whole house. In case you're curious, all my wordly possessions, well except for my much missed Kitchen Aid mixer living with Nate and Vero, fit into 50 boxes and 3 suit cases. I love having movers, someone else to lift the heavy boxes, to wrap up all the glasses and pictures. This is the way to go, I may never be able to move my own stuff again. I'm spoiled, I know. It's a problem, but admitting it is the first step, right?

And now, finally, the excitement of leaving Moscow and moving to Amsterdam is starting to set in. I'll miss my friends, I'll miss the school, I may even miss my apartment. But there is very little about this city that I'll miss. I've got another week and a half to try to soak it all in though. I really hope it warms back up… it's only 60 F and has been raining for 2 days straight. It's mid-June people, come on!

Sunday, June 6

I hate this part of moving

Cleaned out the cupboards of the food stuffs that I've bought, but haven't used. I hate that - knowing I've wasted money and food! However, this situation is a bit better as I'll be taking most of it to school and I'm sure people there will take it - nothign sells better than free, right?

I'm less and less ready to leave Moscow every day...

Saturday, June 5

Good Bye AAS

Good Bye AAS
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Oscar Night at AAS. I was photographed for the school news paper for an article on leaving teachers. I'm not sure what was done to the photo, because I'm fairly sure I don't look this good on a daily basis, so thanks Balint. It's a great shot!

Wednesday, June 2

Secretly I've been a person all along

Well, graduation weekend has come and gone. The school feels really empty without the seniors around. It was a weekend of reflection on my 3 years here, because really after teaching most of this class when they were in grade 10, I knew that I wanted to stay and see them through graduation. I expected to cry, but didn't. Instead, I felt so proud. I can't even imagine what it's like if you're a parent - you must want to explode with the joy of what they do and can do. And when they disappoint, the heart ache must border on wondering if you should call an ambulance.

As a class, these students were not cohesive, which I've related stories of before. However, as individuals, they are amazing and I have no doubt of what they are capable of.

There were fewer teachers than usual at the post-graduation celebration at the Hard Rock. It is strange to share a beer with students, especially for those of us coming from North America. But, I had a good time. Seeing some of my favorite students smoking was awful. Seeing some of my former students who had come back for the ceremony no longer smoking was awesome.

On the way out the door, at a very reasonable 10:45, I was stopped by one of the students. "Ms. S, I don't know if should tell you this or not, but we've found your blog. I went back and read the whole thing and I feel so much more connected to you... you know, as a person."

I'm always conscious of this being, well, on the Internet, and knowing that whatever is here is for public consumption. But I did have a fleeting moment of "should I be worried?" But then, I realized (hoped?) that it was that students aren't used to thinking of their teachers as people with lives outside of the school. But it's true! We are people, maybe we just don't such a good job of making it obvious in the class though.

And while I find it exciting that my readership is now up to potentially 8 (eight!), perhaps instead of googling me, y'all should have been studying. But now that exams and graduation have come and gone and you're on your way to college feel free to comment or send my messages occasionally.

Best of luck, class of 2010.