Thursday, February 24

Up North

I left Bangkok for Chaing Mai, did I say that already? It's up north, not Khoa Yai National Park, though I may still get there. I've spent the last two nights with Jo and his community up at Pun Pun. So many beautifully built mud houses. So inspiring. They have gardens and hope to be growing all their own food by next year. Right now their biggest expense is having to buy food. The land is beautiful, rolling hills, brisk nights (though maybe that changes in the summer). Apparently in the rainy season, they get daily rains, but they seldom last for more than a few hours at a time. I'd like to come back and spend more time doing Tai Chi and gardening, but at the moment I've returned to Chaing Mai to meet up with Magnus, who is probably heading back now from Mae Taeng as he was on his way to Pun Pun to meet me. Life is funny.

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