Saturday, July 29

More about Sweden

I see that I never posted again about my time in Sweden though I meant too. I really, really, really love Sweden in the summer time. Swedish people are really friendly, it's super easy to get around as everyone (young and old) speaks English and it's BEAUTIFUL!

I did mostly follow my itinerary and added a trip to the ski town of Are (put a circle above the "a" and pronounce it Oh-rah) which was my favorite part. I hiked up a beautiful mountain stayed and a very comfortable, friendly ski lodge and just had a blast.

Once reunited with Magnus and Linus we immediately set off for a 3 day, 65 km (40 mi) canoe trip that Linus had ambitiously planned. We ended up having to paddle for 8 hours a day to complete it, but it was so fun. Emilie, Linus's girlfriend, is awesome and super friendly and laid back. She was a great hostess all the times that Linus had other things to do. Not to say Linus is a bad host, he let me into his apartment, dye his clothes pink, fed me incredibly well. I just had so much fun.

I hope I remember to come back here and write about the crazy things in Sweden. But now I'm in Korea, surrounded by a whole new style of craziness.

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