Saturday, March 28

Discovery Week '09 - Barcelona!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I really loved Barcelona. The students also had a great time with all of our activities, which ranged from cultural tours to hiking. Here are some highlights:

Watching Flamenco dancing. The rhythms are so syncopated (not in time with the music). It was incredible. Here's a 36 second video:

The architecture of Gaudi and others who fell into the modernisma (Art Nouveau) category. Barcelona has really embraced beauty in its buildings!

Inner courtyard of La Pedrera. All the apartments are circular!


The roof - functional art. Those are staircases and chimneys!
Roof of La Pedrera

Sagrada Familia and our group. Begun in 1882. Scheduled completion 2035.
Sagrada Familia

The inner nave is meant to resemble a forest with light filtering through:
Forest of Sagrada Familia

There was a cooking class where we learned to make paella

A tour of FC (football club) Barcelona stadium:
(that was actually my least favorite thing)

And of course the food! I ate tapas every day!

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