Monday, October 26

Supose I must

I keep checking in on the blogs of my friends and am often disappointed when there are no new updates. Likely they've all stopped even looking at mine with the frequency I update!

It's spirit week at school. As such I was dressed in all black today, black being the grade 12 color. Tomorrow is geek day - tight rolled jeans, here I come. Wednesday is pj day, known amongst the teachers as "wear your sweat pants to work day." Now Thursday is the hard part, it's "Hollywood" themed. I have no idea what to wear for that. Friday is Halloween costumes.

My favorite part of Friday is that the student council (StuCo), which I am an adviser for, is doing a dance to Thriller at the beginning. Yes, it was my idea. No, the students weren't really excited at first, but they're getting into it and it's AWESOME. I'm super excited about it anyway.

In the mean time, I've also begun looking at other schools as potential new jobs in earnest. A few months ago I was all ready to move back to the US, but I'm not sure that my itchy feet are ready to settle so I've been looking more at western Europe. Any opinions?


Shannon said...

Stay in Europe as long as you can. The US will be here forever, and its not like its that great a place to be right now anyhow.

Y'know, I miss you and all, but really, if you come back now, getting out again will be 10x harder if you want to try it again later.

collateral evidence said...

I agree. Plus, the cooler places you go, the cooler places I get to visit! ;-)

Nate said...

Facebook has taken over our need to post on a blog. And I say go to Amsterdam, or somewhere in Europe. I say that mostly because I know if you come to the States you won't come here and then we can visit you in some cool European city. I'm selfish that way. ;)