Tuesday, December 8

Winter Wonderland!

It's finally snowed here. I watched it snow all afternoon and then went and took the first shuttle home. It only took me an hour. The people who left later, it took them from 2 to 6 (SIX) hours! But it's beautiful. This was taken by Nat from our apartment windows today.


Mickey said...

Holy crap do I have some catching up to do! You've been all over the place. The snow is lovely. It looked like that when we left Wyoming, but I'm afraid Atlanta has only offered cold rain and the occasional sunny day.

Shannon said...

I swear, someday I will live where there are seasons again! (How's Vienna/Bucharest coming along?)

Also funny how you like on the other side of the globe, yet I can look at that picture and say, "Oh, I recognize that!" Makes me happy. :)