Tuesday, January 12

Olympics Video Available to International Viewers

I tried watching a preview of US Figure Skating (yes, I like figure skating, it all dates back to my first viewing of the Cutting Edge. No wait, maybe I like the Cutting Edge because I like figure skating) tonight. However, the video isn't available to international viewers. These are a few suggestions of videos that are available:

* Davis and White: Mid-Western Values

* Steve Holcomb on his Park City Roots

* Chad Hedrick: Why I love Texas

This is for their international viewers. Is the mid-west recruiting?


linda said...

SO funny... guess what movie I bought two weeks ago!

Mickey said...

Glad you made it back, which is not to say I'm glad you're not around here anymore, because I enjoyed hanging out while you were stateside.

But I have to say I think figure skating may be the dumbest thing to ever masquerade as "sport." Just ridiculous. Completely ridiculous.

But I'm glad you enjoy it.