Tuesday, April 20

I never thought I'd say this

But I'm ready to go back to Moscow.

We're stuck in Southern France due to the volcanic ash debacle. We're going on our 11th day, of what was supposed to be 7. Thankfully our hosts are AMAZING. Come stay here at Mazamet Central ()

And really this spot, their house, it's all ideal. We've been able to go to Carcassonne (where they filmed Robin Hood Prince of Thieves), Castres and other amazing French towns. The wine (cheap and delicious), the cheese (stinky and delicious), but it's really difficult to send lesson plans from here.

So I'm ready to go home. Meanwhile, I'll go have another pain au chocolat.


courtney said...

There are worse places to be stuck than southern France. :) Hope you make it home soon!

Nate said...

True. You be stuck in Heathrow for days on end. I hope you make it back soon, too.

Joy said...

I got caught in the volcano mess too, but it only delayed my Morocco trip. We leave in TWO DAYS! Please volcano, do not spew any more ash. I want to go on vacation.

Mickey said...

Damn, to be stuck in the south of France. Rough.

We just saw a band from Scotland this weekend that missed the first few shows on their tour because of the volcano. I'm glad they didn't miss Atlanta.