Wednesday, June 1

Ah, it's chicken that's flammable

I made Grilled Chicken Moroccan Style tonight. I cut way back on the recipe since I was only making 2 legs and did them under the broiler rather than the grill because again, there were only 2 legs. I'm still unclear how it occured, but clearly chicken fat is far more flammable than gasoline.

me: "Um, um, fire extinguisher..."
Joy runs in holding said device, "How do I use this thing?"
me: "Pull the pin, then squeeze the handle. But do we really want to use it though, it'll make a huge mess..."
her: "Wait, where's the baking soda?"
me: "here" dousing pan liberally with the white stuff.

Much window opening, fan placing, towel waving ensues. Then the grabbing of a beer and sitting down in shock. Then the scraping away of the baking soda to discover that there's still edible chicken under the black skin. And, to my shock, that it's delicious. So, I highly recommend this recipe. Though, I recommend doing it on the grill, not under the broiler (and I had it on the second rack down).


linda said...

Yikes! Glad the chicken was still good though :D.

Nate said...

Can you make Potluck Mondays that exciting please?

juli claire said...

i'm glad we now know what is flammable and what is not. so, have you ever used a fire extinguisher? I have not. I would be stoked to find delicious chicken under burnt skin. Here's to more kitchen adventures with less fire...

Anonymous said...

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