Thursday, June 23

Life Goals

On my flight to Austin yesterday, I started writing. I'm in a place where I'm constantly analyzing mylife, where it is, where it's going. Who I am, who I want to be. I started a list, I like to list.

Life goals:

work with math
use my brain
live sustainably
work for the greater good
have a big permaculture yard with a small earthen built house
travel (even more)
learn to spin wool
have a partner in crime
teach more summer camp
share food from my garden
learn to be an organic farmer
take time to live
learn more about wine

How to do this? What to do? I like the idea of teaching in public schools. Of being part of the solution. We clearly have a lack of math and science teachers. I love math. I want to share this love of math, of being geeky with kids. I want to share my experiences throughout the world with them. Though I learned about other countries in my history classes, it wasn't until I traveled to them that they became tangible something outside of the paper. I want to take kids abroad. How can I do this? Where do I start?

Then of course there's the food and sustainable living. Is this something that will just become part of my existance, something that's a day to day, or is this something I should work at as well. I need to start volunteering with the places that didn't hire me. Get experience, be part of their organizations.


juli claire said...

I think you'd make a fabulous math teacher, organic farmer, summer camp instructor and sustainable thinker-doer! And I think a lot of people (cute, intelligent men) would love to join you on that path. I think we are from the same pea patch cuz I have very similar inclinations about figuring out what I want to do and making lists about it. I am not so much in the active stage of that as I was before I decided to devote my energy to OFRF, but I'm a bit groundless at the moment, not having really "started" writing (it feels like), and about to get a temporary job doing what I decided I don't want to do anymore, which will take up more time than I'd like it to...but it's for a good cause (affording to live and pay off debt from getting married, going on our road trip, etc.).

juli claire said...

and organic farming (especially researching it) requires math and thinking out of the linear box...just a thought.