Sunday, August 14

Here I go, again on my own

Traveling down the only road I've ever known.

Alright, so I've traveled down many roads, when confronted with a choice I'll always take the one I haven't tried before. Seems like I keep going back to this going to school thing though. And I'm off again. First day of classes is Monday. Me taking the classes. Heading back to school to get my teaching credential. Hopefully I'll also manage to find a school to hire me while I'm getting my credential. I'm going to interview for a teaching job, but that's in the city and school is 12 miles north west of me, ie even further out of san francisco.

I know it will all work out in the end, I trust in this. But I'm a bit concerned at this point. I'm constantly questioning the decisions, spontaneous choices I make in life. Really, in the end, I want to travel, eat good food, learn new things. Share my knowledge.

I need to write more about Korea, especially the food and drinks I had. But I haven't had time nor desire to do so yet. Been spending all my time at this maching looking at different job postings and financial aid places.


Jennifer said...

Best of look in your schooling and whatever path you choose to go down!

I recently made the career change to education and have loved it. I went through an alt. cert. program here in Texas and just received my M. Ed.
Hectic-yes. Rewarding--most definitely.

Nate said...

What song is that line from?

And what's with the caribbean travel agency plug? How random.

minnie said...

vacation comment is COMMENT SPAM! very bad. em you should delete that comment. evil!