Wednesday, August 17

District Desperation

Everyone talks about the desperate shortage for math and science teachers. I figured it would be a piece of cake to get a job even if I didn't have a credential. Well, that was a bad assumption, I wasn't getting any interviews for "real" teaching jobs. Now that I've applied and am in a credential program and it's two weeks until school starts I've had three offers for interviews. Two of those are with school districts, Oakland's and San Francisco's. I know Oakland is still looking for 4 high school math teachers and "many" middles school math folks. SFUSD is hiring 6 high school teachers. So looks like by the end of this school year, it's highly likely that I will have both my credential in progress as well as a year of teaching under my belt.

And because of this, I will lead a very rough life this next year. Much preparation, because I don't actually have a syllabus made for what a school year of math will look like, and little sleep in preparing for both schools, the one I teach at and the one I attend. Also, since the semster starts Aug 30 this means no Burning Man for me. Which is tragic only because AJ and Adam old great friends are both flying in for their first visits ever to the playa and I will no longer be able to host them. Sad.


zombiegrrrl said...

Sounds stressful but like things are moving along quite well! Kudos!

Will your friends still attend the Burn if you have to bow out?

Jennifer said...

Again, good luck.

You're describing me a year ago. I quit my nice paying job in June, was carrying 12 graduate credit hours, and still had no job in late July. I interviewed on July 27, was hired on July 28, and waw teaching by August 4 (yes, we start early in Texas). It was crazy, but I survived. So will you!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Talk about sustainable living!!