Sunday, October 2


Anyone remember that Seinfeld episode?

Ok, it's been forever since I posted. I know. I've taken a job teaching algebra at a high school in the Mission. I'm also going to school simultaneously to get my teaching credential. And coaching cross country. I sleep very little and spend many hours at schools. But I'm LOVING it. I have so much fun, I love my kids (freshman) and my classes, even the one that's really hard to handle.

Last night, I went out to see the opening night of Serenity, the movie based on the Firefly tv series created by Joss Wheadon. It's so good I'm going to see it again tonight. Loved it. Loved the serires. Thank you, Joss! Even if you haven't seen Firefly, Serenity is still great and I mean great. Yay!!


linda said...

Ohh, I am so jealous.... Too broke to go and I have this upcoming trip I am saving for ;D

juli claire said...

We saw it too. I want to see it again because I couldn't hear every 10th word (bad sound system in a little theater in Rockland, Maine).

That's AWESOME that you're loving what you're doing. Just think of all those months of interviews and wondering what to do...and now you're up to your ears in exhilarating challenges:)

You rock:)