Monday, August 7

Seoul - The 5 Star Way

Sunday was William's birthday and we had a day and a half off from teaching. So I checked around the various travel sites and found us a room in Seoul at the Sofitel Ambassador, a five star hotel, for $135. Mind you, our beds in Yeojoo, where we're teaching, are more box spring than matress, seriously uncomfortable, plus we can't sleep together as they're way too narrow. Also, Korean pillows are the antithesis of what I consider to be a comfortable pillow. Their pillows are densley packed and huge, laying on one, I feel as though my chin is being forced into my chest my head is so high.

So, we decided to go ahead and spend the money. I mean, after all, we do have full time jobs back home and we're getting paid to be here. Then, we get to the hotel and since it's low season they offer us an upgrade to the "premium" floor which includes free use of the sauna as well as breakfast and a 3 pm check out for only $44 more. We splurge. And boy was it worth it!!!

The first thing we notice is the attachment sticking out from the toilet with 15 different buttons. What the f%@&??? I, of course, took pictures, but you'll have to wait until I'm back home to down load them. Ok, so the different buttons, after sitting on the pot for many, many minutes playing around, I figured out 1) heat the seat 2-4) in 3 different temperatures 5) a bidet feature with 6) a front option for ladies (unfortunately this wasn't working), 7-9) the bidet feature came in three speeds 10) a drying feature 11-13) also in three speeds and 14-15) a delay shut off. Oh my god!

The bed was everything I dream of and more. King sized, a feather top with 4 fluffy feather pillows. Of course, we had to crank the A/C down low to sleep under the feathers, but it was heavenly. Rather than heading out the the Dongdaemun night market, we were asleep by 9:30 :-o

Breakfast was Western with a few Korean options. Rye bread! Museli! Yummy!

I had to check out the sauna and while it was newer and more shiny than the one in Yeojoo, the dry saunas in Yeojoo are nicer. But I still enjoyed my soak and steam.

We then had a great Sunday afternoon roaming around various markets and malls. I'm on the hunt for crazy t-shirts and have only found one worth buying. It reads "Bunny is pet name for a rabbit." And better yet, it was only $2!

Now we're back in Yeojoo and I'm sure this last week will just fly by. I no longer want to strangle my demon child, though he is still a struggle every day. Today we did "Christmas" with the kids. And tomorrow it's outdoor Olympics. My class is going to be Sweden! Heja Sveirge!

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