Thursday, August 24

Work and a Wedding

Dear Diary,

Today was my first official day back at work. I'm very excited to be returning to O'Connell and see all the returning teachers. My new math co-workers are all experienced teachers and we should make for a good team.

Ok, enough of the cheese, though that's how it felt this morning. It is good to be back, my room is mostly set up and I'm mostly ready for kids on Monday. That's largely due to the fact that we're running a freshman orientation week to really teacher our students what it means to be a freshman at O'Connell. We're really hoping for a strong academic push this year with 2 hours of homework a night per student. Toto, this isn't middle school anymore. The freshman test scores were the only ones at our school to go up last year and we'd like to make that consistent across the school.

However, that's the last work day for me this week. Tomorrow, William and I fly to Atlanta for my best friend, Karla's, wedding! I get to wear a big Barbie pink dress. Stay tuned for photos!

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