Tuesday, February 20

Next Up


This past weekend the boy and I attended a job fair for international schools. We interviewed with six schools spread across the globe - Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, Korea and China. I really liked the head from Turkey, however that position ended up being filled before I could even interview for it. Brazil also ended up getting filled by a local hire. China I was not so into.

However, we both really liked the options in Korea, Thailand and Russia. It was agonizingly painful. We had roughly 15 hours to decide. The position in Korea ended up being our first choice, but they ended up offering it to another couple. So we were down to Thailand and Russia. We ended up picking Russia because the Thai school was located 20 minutes outside of Chiangmai. I ~love~ Chiangmai. However, 20 minutes by car outside the city would mean we'd need to buy a car. It's also a boarding school which would mean we'd be surrounded by the students all the time. Further William would have been the science department and I'd be teaching 5 of the 7 offered math classes and all of those 5 would have been different.

However, with Moscow, the only science position they had for the boy was chemistry which he's not all that into. Besides he is keen to spend a year in Japan. So he'll go to Japan, hopefully with the JET program. However, the director of AAS (Anglo-American School) likes him and knows that in a year he'll have 1-2 Biology positions. For me, I'll be teaching upper level IB math. It's a sweet schedule too.

There are eight periods for students total, four periods a day. And those four periods are taught in different orders. For example: Mon: ABCD Tues: EFGH Wed: CDAB Thur: GHEF, etc. Which is something that would make a huge difference with my teaching right now since my classes at the end of the day are the worst performing.

I'm super excited, scared, over whelmed. And right now really need to be preparing for the coming week. So there you have it.

Woo hoo!

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bostezo said...

I can't believe you're leaving for so long. I happy for you, though!