Monday, January 22

Pizza Man!

(taken from my post on the Cooking Light Bulletin Board)

The boy wanted to cook for me and so all on his own he went to epicurious and found some recipes he wanted to try. I do 95% of the cooking in our house hold, he has tried to cook for me once which ended in me having to "save" the sauce and finish the rest of the meal. The second time he cooked just for himself and gave himself food poisoning, literally. He's happy to eat 4 bowls of cereal for every meal, so this was a big deal.

The only thing we did together was go shopping. He ended up making this Sausage, Red Onion and Wild Mushroom Pizza. OMG!! It was incredible. The red pepper, piave (like a creamier parm) and rosemary pressed into the crust added tons of flavor (truth be told I think he might have pressed those into the dough and then put the dough upside down on the baking sheet because it seemed like all the piave was on the bottom, but this made for a crisp cheese bottom crust!). He used a lamb sausage on my pizza and a turkey on his.

He also made this Prosciutto, Pear and Fennel Salad that he plated just like out of a fancy restaurant. I thought the salad could have used more fenel (only 1/2 a cup for 4 servings?!) but the flavor combo was great.

All told, he spent 45 minutes "translating" the recipes so that he could understand them and then cooking for 2.5 hours, lol. But the house smelled great and when we sat down to eat at 9, it was delicious! I told him now I know for sure that I can go back to the corporate world and leave him alone to be a stay-at-home husband!

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