Saturday, December 6


I proctored the SATs this morning. Boy have they changed since I was taking them! There are 10, TEN, sections and the test taking lasts 4 hours. That means I was there 6 hours, on a Saturday people. Sucks ass. And unfortunately, no Mickey, I couldn't bring a book with me because as a diligent proctor I have to watch the kids for 4, FOUR!, hours to make sure they aren't cheating. Easily the most boring 4 hours of my life thus far, and as you know if you read this blog, my life isn't that exciting.

It's been especially not exciting this week as Za German has had visitors of the male persuasion the past week and thus I haven't seen him as his been out with his buddies playing host, read staying out until 7 taking them to different clubs.

So I've had a dull week, except for tonight, when I learned a new game, Bunko! I've heard of people having bunko parties, but I think that was mostly on sit-coms. Tonight I actually attended a party and it was like Yahtzee! and musical chairs all in one. Add in a bunch of snack foods, gin and tonic and you've got a recipe for great fun.


Rich said...

I was turned on to your blog when I asked a coworker about teaching/traveling abroad. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about getting starting in the whole process; sounds like you're pretty much an expert by now.

You can message me at rwbst125 at hotmail dot com. (Sorry to make it hard to read, but I'm trying to keep my email from getting spammed).

Thanks either way.

Mickey said...

I'm guessing anything can be a good time if you add enough gin.