Sunday, February 1

Baby, it is freaking cold outside

It's been between -15 and -20 C (0 to -4 F) over the weekend. And I got out in it. When in Rome, right? I went to watch a broomball game yesterday. Basically people chase each other around on a tennis court that's been flooded and hence a court of ice. Near as I can tell, it's like floor hockey with really small sticks made of duct tape. Seems to be easiest to maneuver around the court on your knees. If you try to run you just fall. But that also seemed ok as most people had what appeared to be pillows taped to their legs. I'm glad I got to watch and am also glad I'm not playing.

The nice thing about the cold is that the sun has returned. I love sun reflecting off snow.

It's supposed to warm back up to -8 tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to get away with wearing only 1 pair of long underwear. I had 3 pair on under my snow pants yesterday...

Oh, speaking of yesterday (I guess that's what the whole post is about really), I went and saw an INCREDIBLE Puccini concert. The first half was choral music, second half a mini-opera in Russian style complete with leather min-dresses (think hot nurse) and stilettos. But with opera singing in Italian. Very strange. The choral part was my favorite. I love good choral music. Something I wasn't really cognizant of until I moved here.

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Nate said...

And it's freaking hot here. Well, not hot but 73 degrees at the end of January is kind of warm. It doesn't bode well for the summer when we have no water.