Saturday, February 14

Big Day

Today's the day of the faux/mo-hawk. I'm off in about 25 minutes to the hair dresser - perhaps I'm cheating a bit having it professionally done, but in the end I am too vain and I want it to look good.

Then, I've got a dinner party to show it off at.

I'm being picked up tomorrow at 1:45 to head to school to meet the students and then we'll travel together to the airport. I can't believe that after all the time spent planning and working, we're finally off. We'll be rebuilding a kitchen and adding a new water purification system to a hill tribe school.

But first, we'll go out and have lunch in Bangkok during our 7 hour lay over :)

I'll try to get a picture of the new do up before I leave.


1 comment:

Mickey said...

When you get on the plane, be sure to chat up the pilot for a minute or two, just to be sure.