Thursday, April 2

Almost a month

I heard on NPR a few days ago that people use blogs to complain and it helps them to feel better. So here I go (again):

First of all it's April 2nd and it's still snowing. Only flurries and most of it's gone from the ground, but I'm sick of the snow.

Oh and speaking of being sick. Let's see, I got back from Thailand on Feb 22nd, was really congested for about a week and then felt fine through most of March. I guess it only seems to fit my pattern of living here that I would be all congested AGAIN. And it's the type where my nose gives no warning, I just suddenly have snot streaming out. Yah, totally gross.

But I can't really complain as I fly off to Rome tomorrow to meet Sha and Minnie :) My sister and Erin fly in on Saturday and together we all head to Tuscany for a week to celebrate my big 3-0. That's right, I will finally be in my 30s. I've been looking forward to this day through the majority of my 20s. I just hope my congestion clears enough for me to enjoy drinking some, no lots, of wine!

Oh and two of my students remembered my birthday and brought me a really delicious cake today!!

And the pressure of picture of the day ends TOMORROW! Yipper skipper!


bostezo said...

Is your birthday today? I always forget! Happy Birthday!!!!

Mickey said...

Wait- you've been looking forward to turning 30? Hmm.

I just came into some snow here as well (Wyoming.) I'll be happy when it all melts.

bostezo said...

Hello you? Where you at?