Sunday, May 3

Where oh where?

Oh, horribly delinquent blogger, where have you been? Has your life been so exciting that you don't have time to post here?

Well, I have been off to Italy for a week.

We're here


Then I had a friend come in for a few days. Also, I've started an online masters through Oregon State. I have two assignments due per week, so the time I could be here with you, I'm reading articles on technology and education.

Or so mundane and repetitive that your inspiration has been stripped?

Quite honestly, the snow and cold was getting me down. We had our last snow on April 22nd.

Well, I have been into work to help my seniors continue to prepare for their IB exams which are this week. Aforementioned masters program has also had me very keen to immediately begin to incorporate more technology into my lessons, as such, I've been spending time designing web projects and math lessons around Autograph and Excel and I didn't really think people would want to read about that sort of stuff.

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