Tuesday, August 4

In Miami

In Miami
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Well, I'm off the cruise and have been in Miami Beach the past two days with my sister. Here I am drinking a bellini at an awesome pizza place. I found us great pizza, empanadas and an awesome burger all off the main drag (thank god!)

My thoughts on Miami:
Almost everyone walks around without their shirts. I think it's tacky, but I'm getting more and more crumudgony as I get older. Thankfully about 80% of these topless people have six packs so it's nice people watching.

There are a disproportionately large number of Corvette drivers and gay men, they are not the same.

I saw them filming Burn Notice, eeeeeeee!!!!

It's definitely a multi-lingaul place, beyond just Spanish and English.

Overall, it's nice to visit, but I'm happy to be returning to my reality of San Francisco summers where almost everyone will have on not only shirts, but also likely sweaters.

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