Friday, August 21

US Wrap Up

I had an incredible time in SF, seeing many of my friends. I spent the last 4 days with my "cooking" friend, a group that I met through the Cooking Light bulletin board years ago. We've been gathering once a year since 2002(?)! Kayaksoup arrived a day early and we had dinner with Joy! and Nate at Pizzaiolo. She did an amazing dinner write up on here on her blog.

Here's the whole gang. This year we had 2 new awesome additions and were said that a few regulars were unable to join us. I'm not quite sure what was said to crack us up, but there you go:

Something funny

I'm not sure how well you can see it in the picture, but my hair is dyed purple! Yippee, back to funky colors for me.

On this trip, I also discovered that I'm not as much of a hippie as I used to be . I know, the horror. My dear friend Adam took me to Harbin, a hippie mecca for hot tubing nude. And for doing yoga nude. Having random bullshit conspiracy theory conversations ... nude. You get the picture. And while it was quite liberating to swim laps, yes, nude, I really could have used a pants cannon. That's all I'm saying.


Shannon said...

HA! Pants cannon. :)

Shannon said...

Actually, I *Still* have yet to make it to Harbin. Now I kow what to pack.