Thursday, September 24

After a summer of posting

I've really slacked off. Bad, Traveling Em, bad.

You'd think that nothings going on or perhaps I'm so depressed about being here I've lost the motivation to write. However, neither are true.

My college buddy Phil and his girlfriend Abby just came out for a visit. It was AWESOME. So nice to get to spend quality time (read, insane amounts of board game playing and eating) with them. And they were the perfect guests. They arrived on a Saturday, stayed until Monday, spent Tues - Fri in St. Pete's and then Fri-Sun back in Moscow. It was grand.

Then last weekend we went camping for Bree's birthday. Man, how I love sleeping outside in the cold.

And now, the seniors have all headed off to Cyprus for Discovery Week, which means I technically have no classes to teach today, but instead loads of time to be productive (please, let me be productive) and today I get to sub for a PE class, which normally would be fun, except the weather has turned cold and rainy, boo. But hey, we've had SUN until now!

Oh and I'm up to twice weekly private ballet classes, um, heaven! And I still love my job. And I'm still in constant debate as to what to do next year. I was all set to move to Asheville and now, well, back to debate mode.


bostezo said...

What's in Asheville?

Jennifer said...

Hey Emilie, it's jjsooner.
Just wondering--do you know if their are opportunities teaching abroad for special education teachers? Are they in special programs or mainstreamed or what? My interests are more with students with moderate to severe disabilities. My email is Thanks!