Friday, September 4

Less Cranky

Now that the students have returned, I'm reminded why I'm here. That's right, I love my job. And how many people get to say that and mean it?

Tomorrow my good friend Phil and his girlfriend, Abby, arrive. Yes, more visitors to Moscow. The more the merrier!

I'm really excited about this visit. Phil and I were really good friends. It's been years since we've had some quality time. I'm being very martyr like and going all the way to the airport to pick them up (sorry if you've visited me and I didn't do this for you, but they're arriving on a Saturday).

Also, ballet classes will resume next week! Phil's bringing me new leotards and tights, so I'm super excited.

What else? Oh, right, it's been stunning. Indian summer abounds.

Bree and I are trying to maintain a positive attitude to see if it makes a difference in our enjoyment of life here. I'm thinking it will. I'm also thinking I'll be able to maintain the attitude for oh, 2 more weeks, if I'm lucky.

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