Monday, March 1

More about the boat trip

One of K&M's colleagues organized a boat trip as her parents were in town also. So K&M signed us all up. It was a private boat tour, just our group of 10. We were picked up in mini-vans with air con and off we went. Being a Saturday and a holiday weekend, traffic was light and it only took us about an hour to get out of the city. I took several photos from the van:

A rickshaw parking lot:
Rickshaw Parking

A guy walking down the street with a huge vessel on his head:
Dhaka Boat Trip

And proof that it's not like a kilt:
Dhaka Boat Trip

Then we arrived. As we made it before our boat, we had time to look out over (and smell... it was horrific) the water. This guy was sitting on a bunch of jute before it's been made into rope:
Sitting on Jute

As mentioned below, a crowd gathered. Definitely not threatening, just curious. One of the girls that K&M work with was loving it - acting like she was a movie star as they are staring and photographing us. Me, as mentioned below, not comfortable at all. Hence, I've only got the one photo of them.

We were on the boat for about 10 minutes before stopping in a village where they weave the silk sarris.

Dhaka Boat Trip

I took a lot of pictures holding my camera in my hand, with my hands down at my sides. I got lucky with a few:

Dhaka Boat Trip

Dhaka Boat Trip

Dhaka Boat Trip

And here I am with K&M:
Dhaka Boat Trip

I went to bed at 8:30 last night. Tonight I've made it until 9:45. Right back into the routine.

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Shannon said...

You are making me want to go more and more. This all looks so fascinating! Your pictures are fantastic; I particularly like the one of the father/son on the loom. Very National Geographic.