Sunday, March 7

Shaggy Bread

One of my co-workers had me over to see how he makes bread yesterday. This guy rocks. He brings in some sort of breakfast treat EVERY Monday. It's a great way to start a Monday. It's often a huge loaf of bread that he's made.

He uses a sour-dough starter and it's a no-knead, over-night slow rise. The only difficulty is having the starter. I used to have one going in Vancouver and I think I'll start one again in Amsterdam. In the meantime, I might get some of his because it really was easy. You proof it in a vessel that's a similar shape to the baking pan and proof it on parchment. Then just lift the whole thing into the pre-heated pan when you're ready to bake it.

But all of this I've seen and done before. The best part was getting to see Tom and his wife's collection of Polish pottery. I'm inspired. I'm already planning to rent a car for my October break and drive to Poland. Anyone want to join me?

Here's the bread plus some pottery:

Baking Bread with Tom


Mickey said...

I'd love to join you for a drive to Poland! Only problem is, there's an ocean in the way. Maybe next time.

I just caught up on all the Bangladesh stuff, by the way. Cool pictures, but you didn't really make me want to visit. Doesn't sound like it was your favorite destination.

zombiegrrrl said...

Ooh! Looks fun. Can you send me the recipe?