Thursday, May 27

Cooking with the Seniors

I volunteered to give up several (3) of my prep periods today to teach the seniors a "cooking in college" lesson. We made spaghetti with home made marinara and meatballs as well as these Orange Cheesecake Brownies (they deserve their own link because they were so very good).

I had a blast, it was funny to see who was comfortable in the kitchen - the boys who just dove in, mixing up the meatballs with their hands, there was another who I had to teach how to wash a dish (seriously). There was one girl who was all about the baking (me at a young age, I'm sure) and the others who just sat around watching.

It was a really nice day over all.

And it inspired me... I came home and made a lemon cake.

Coming soon, senior celebration night and graduation and the after-party that teachers are invited to at the Hard Rock. Stay tuned.

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