Saturday, May 1


You know how normally when you watch karaoke, there are people on stage and as you watch you end up in a shudder, muscles twitching as you struggle for control. Attempting to contain your facial expression (an impossible feat for me) while the person on stage desperately tries to be Whitney Houston. But then there is a person who gets up an knocks your socks off. One who makes the whole crowd go silent, then start tapping their feet and with an occasional "Yeah!" whistle or finger snap.

Bree is in the second category of people. We were in Mazamet. I know you've never heard of it. It's a small French town, near Castres and Carcassonne (more than just a board game, people!) There are 3 pubs in town and the one closest to our B&B, La Paix, has Sunday night karaoke. Bree started with "Hush" by Bjork and well, everyone hushed and listened to her belt it out. I don't know why I was taking photos instead of videoing!

But here she is singing:


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