Tuesday, November 30

Go away, damn it!

I've been sick now for 18 days. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and though Dutch doctors are notorious for not prescribing antibiotics (something that I am really happy about actually, I think those things mess with your system in bad ways), the doctor brought it up before I did. Her guess was sinus infection and based on the way the sinuses in my forehead feel (like they're pushing out from the inside), I'll agree. Today was day 2 of the meds and I can't say I'm feeling on the mend. Hopefully going to bed now, at 8:30, I'll wake up feeling like I have the energy to take a shower. Just couldn't manage it today.

But I did start in on a new show... Nathan Fillion (Mal from my favorite show Firefly) is in a new series called Castle. Apparently it's on its (notice the correct use of it's and its) 3rd season already. And it's Law and Order minus the boring court parts plus funny. I'm really enjoying it.

Oh, and in the meantime, I've also been down to Munich for the German christmas markets. When my energy returns, I'll post photos. It was lovely. Even if I did feel like doodoo the whole time.


Nate said...

Mmmm, gluhwein. Feel better.

courtney said...

I am very proud of you for knowing the difference between its and it's. I want to smack people who mess that up.

Hope you feel better soon!

zombiegrrrl said...

Hope you feel better soon! I had a sinus infection a couple of months ago that also lasted weeks. By the time I went to the doc they almost threw antibiotics at me. The pills didn't help me at first either, but did after a few days. Hopefully it will be the same with you.

A note on the show Castle. I started watching it too b/c of Fillion. LOVE him! But... this show is written pretty poorly. After say the first season things are really just more of the same. The chick also bores the crap out of me. It felt like a waste of Fillion (again) so I gave up. Let me know if it gets better. :) One very funny episode (at least for Firefly fans) is the Halloween episode. I forget which season but it's pretty obvious who he dresses up as.

Mickey said...

Yes! Photos of Munich! Or photos of anywhere! We love your photos!

Oh, and get better.