Sunday, June 25

NYC in the summer time

Is hot, really, really hot. And humid. And very few folks have air-conditioning. Why, would I choose to come here in the summer you may ask? Well, my best friend since the 1st grade, Karla, is getting married and moving from NYC back to Atlanta. So this is her last hurrah in NYC. We did the bachelorette thing Friday night, much drinking and (too) many mostly naked men later, we can check that off this list. Today, Sunday, is the bridal shower (number 1). We're going for a tea party! I'm really excited about that part. More so than the bachelorette festiivites. Although, I managed to stay out until 4 a.m., yes, Miss I'm-Tired at 9:30, was out until 4 a.m. I even stopped drinking around 10.

Last night I had dinner with some Rice friends. We went to a Chinese/Peruvian place in the upper west side. Huge menu, no fusion. We all ordered Peruvian and it was ~delicious~!! It was also great fun to see them; we're hanging out again tonight while Karla goes to a going-away party.

What else? I also was able to get my Korean visa - it was so easy! And now I'll legally be working in Korea (July 20th - August 13th). But first, SWEDEN! I head off for Stockholm on Tuesday, land Wednesday. I'm really excited! I haven't been to Sweden since March of 2002. March is not a good time to be in Sweden, it's cold, rainy and grey. While summer has 18 hours of day light! Some of you may remember I saw Magnus in Thailand and I'll be seeing him again somewhere in Western Sweden. Linus came to visit me 2 years ago to the day almost and now it's my turn, Sweden here I come :)

Rereading this I see it's very jumbled. I've been surrounded by people for 5 days now, something the introvert in me doesn't handle well. Hopefully after a few days on my own in Scandinavia, I'll be more lucid...

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