Monday, June 19

Decisions, Decisions

So before I became a teacher, I was a pastry chef and before that I was a technical consultant for Quorum Business Solutions. Well, school ended on Wednesday for me (hallelujah!) and I flew to Vegas for my cousin's graduation. Thursday night a manager from Quorum called me and offered me my old job back (the one I left 3 years ago!) and offered me two times what I'm making now! I would be working in Denver commuting from SF.

There was much agonizing. A long talk with my principal. Several nights worth of long talks with Wil. Everyone (including the massage therapist) telling me to go with the Quorum offer. But in the end, I'm going back to O'Connell for at least another year. Quorum told me they'd still have work for me then. I love my job. Next year, I think I'll love it even more, but will then have much more college debt, so then I'll go for the money. But for now, I'm still an algebra teacher.

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linda said...

When you make a choice like that, I think you love what you are doing.