Tuesday, June 27

A Swedish Itinerary, of sorts

I sat down (literally in an aisle in Barnes and Noble) with a few Swedish travel books yesterday and here are my thoughts of what I might do before heading to Goteborg where I'll meet up with my friends.

Wed-Thu June 28 - 29 in Stockholm. I arrive Wednesday at 7 a.m. I'll head to the hostel, drop off my bag and probably seek out some caffine. Then, given the forcasted rain, I'll probably spend most of the next two days in museums.

Fri June 30 depart for Mora, try to stay here at this hostel. Mora is at the north end of Siljan lake where I want to hike, swim, etc.

Sun Jul 2 - take the Inslandsbanan up to Ostersund. This is a train that only runs in the summer time and makes all sorts of unconventional stops. It's apparently a lovely way to see Sweden.

Mon Jul 3 - tour Ostersund

Tue Jul 4 - take the train to Goteborg.

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bostezo said...

Why did you have to travel and miss the Summer Celebration? One less person that I know over there :-(