Wednesday, January 3

Cooky McCooks-A-Lot

Yay! A full day in the kitchen. I really enjoy spending time with DBF's family, but it was nice to be back to my kitchen full of veggies. We started back at school today, the 2nd, and I start back with my credential program the 9th, so I knew I'd better get some meals in while I could.

BF came down with a cold, so I whipped up a pot of chicken soup, Thai Style Chicken and Rice Soup. The broth was surprisingly flavorful, but I wanted more "stuff" in it, so today I added bok choy and some shrimp. Although we haven't managed to work our way through it, so I think it'll head into the freezer.

Monday was NY day so I made the traditional black-eyed peas along with a huge pot of brown rice. I felt so Martha Stewart-esque using my brown rice. I made two "breakfast" casserols with rice, egg and cheese, one southwest flavor and the other "fancy" using left over cheese from BF's "I must have a cheese plate in addition to my meal" craving. Part of it was used today to make fried rice and of course part was for the black-eyed peas.

I also made two loaves of wheat bread, chopped all the veggies for today's stir-fry and roasted veggies for Thursday's pot pie. I told you, Cooky McCooks-A-Lot.

And I'm not posting this to rub it in how much I accomplished in the kitchen, more to remind myself that I can be organized and use one ingredient in many ways. It also helps having an awesome dish washer of a BF ;)

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