Wednesday, January 3

New Year, New Career?

Why is it that I'm always in transition? Never settled? Driving home from SoCal with the DBF, I was thinking my "when I grow up I want to..." thoughts. I don't know if teaching is sustaniable for me. I love all the vacation time, to be sure, however, it's super stressful. I'm always working and have developed even larger knots in my shoulders. So back to the "when I grow up thoughts..."

There's this tea shop in Vancouver that I love, love, love. I spent so much time there while in culinary school (a place I'd never recommend attending, so it gets no URL), that people thought I worked there. And I'd have loved to. The owners told me if I ever wanted to start my own in the States they'd help me out. You go there for a cup of tea (discount if you bring your own cup) or for looseleaf tea in bulk. There was a counter with six stools for folks to stay and chat. BF's sister even ordered my favorite, the organic cream earl grey, for me for x-mas - yay!

And then there's the fact that I seek out every yarn store I can when traveling. Knitting ranges from a bit of miscellaneous know-how to an obssesion for me. (Over Christmas I made wrist warmers for my sister, finished a sweater, started a hat for my mom and attempted a leaf scarf several times before deciding the yarn I was using just wouldn't work). Not to mention knitting is the new trend.

So, I want to combine these things into a tea shop/yarn store. Imagine this: big comfy couches and chairs with books of your favorite knitting patterns to peruse as well as a computer and printer for searching, along with a few board games for those into those geeky pleasures. In the corner, teas for you to have your own cup, pot or bag of leaves. The rest of the store full of your favorite luscious yarns and knitting accessories. I don't want it to be a coffee shop where people come in to work. I want it to be a place to relax with others who are passionate about the same things you are.

Punny name ideas:
Sit, Sip, Knit
Knit-Tea (though maybe the folks at knitty won't like that)

suggestions? thoughts?


linda said...

Em, it sounds like a wonderful idea in theory. I wonder how hard it would be to actually bring it to life? It sounds like something that would use a lot of your skills as well. I would love to be your first customer ( I would make the trip down and everything!)

bostezo said...

Go for it!

BTW: we need to have some knitting talk!