Sunday, September 12

House Warming - Check

Had my house warming. I'd invited some school folks and all the houses on my street. I did the latter by writing out invitations (in English) and then putting them in everyone's mailbox. I'd say around 15 neighbors came and around 20 staff. It was 20 wine bottles worth of people anyway and a really great time.

Here are some colleagues and some of the many flowers received (the next morning it looked like a wake...)

House Warming

People standing around the food (those of you who have ever been to any of my gatherings know I tend to go crazy with the food. No exception. I spent 3 days preparing, making lists, checking them off, down to what would be served on which plate and it was a great success.):

House Warming

And then people in the living room:

House Warming

It appears that I only remembered to take photos after the Dutch neighbors left. I put an end time on the invite and the Dutch strictly adhered to it! Crazy. Next time (I'm thinking a winter holidays party, no end time!)


courtney said...

Ha, that's hilarious! I wonder if the Dutch always have strict end times to their parties, or if the whole concept of an end time is foreign to them and they were just being polite. "Well, it's 9:30 and the invitation says we have to leave now, so let's go."

Calvin Mordarski said...

$150, 000? Wow! That's more than enough to get a new house. Well, I shouldn't be surprised. It's David Beckham, after all. Hehehe. I wish I can live here even for just a day.