Thursday, September 2

Nothing like a house warming really kick you into gear of settling in. The house warming is Saturday and today the handy man came today to hang pictures, I made 60 meatballs and a tomato-bacon dip. Then, I cleaned the kitchen. Then I relished this moment. Of looking around and being surrounded by memories. Here, let me share.

As you come into the house and look to the right you've got the pictures that I got in Thailand when I went for a wedding. On the wall between the windows is a series of framed post cards bought at the MLK museum when A came to visit me in Atlanta. And of course on the sills, plants. I've got 2 orchids and 2 succulents at the moment. As well as a photo of my grandparents and parents.

Now with Pictures

This is even more bittersweet as the groom suddenly died a year later. (Thinking of you L and T!)

Winter 2009
Here's A at the MLK memorial.

As we continue towards the kitchen, there's the paining by a college friend, beyond that is a framed Russian poster which always makes me think of Bree who is slightly addicted to them and a great travel/photography companion.

Now with Pictures

Here's Bree blending in in Boston:
Nicely done!

As we turn into the kitchen there's another framed piece of Russian art work, this done by a former student, who wasn't Russian at all. Above the sink is a framed mushroom bought at an art auction for charity. Cliche, I know, but there was a nail already there and it's the right size. Of course what we also see is that my kitchen and knife racks are now hanging again. Something that's been a sight in every kitchen I've had. On the island is my Swedish fruit bowl.

Now with Pictures

Heading upstairs, there are the Russian photos from M and all my framed art deco post cards that I had done in Russia, though only a few of them are Russian. There's some from Alcatraz, Spain and Italy as well.

Now with Pictures

Here's M and I in Turkey with a great bunch of students:

And then we're in the bedroom. I should have moved the mosquito net more, but there's another piece by the college friend, a silk carpet on the floor, bedding from my trip to visit K&M in Bangladesh, at the foot of the bed a carpet made from the mom of my Swedish friends.

Now with Pictures

Yep, I love this part of moving in.

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courtney said...

Your place looks so cute! I love the framed art deco lineup.