Sunday, September 12

What people do while riding their bikes:

So far, it seems to be similar to what American's do in the cars:

Apply make-up
Talk on their cell phone
Change songs on their music device
Eat from a bag of chips/crackers
Pull things out of their pockets
Drink a beer (hopefully this isn't happening in cars...)
Hold hands with another person on a different bike (ditto...)
Carry another 2 or 3 people (not always/usually children) on their bike

So far I've only done one of those things, probably the only one I will do. Any guesses?


courtney said...

I'm going to go with change songs. That seems like the least dangerous thing to do on a bike. (Apply makeup? I don't even know how that's possible.)

By the way, I got an email yesterday that said it was from you, but it was spam. I think your address got hijacked.

aggie94 said...

I'm going with eating. Being the good foodie that you are.

Mickey said...

Drink beer. You do love your beer.

aggie94 said...


Traveling Em said...

Ah yes, guess I should reply. Courtney has it. I've changed my music. A few times now.