Thursday, December 2


Did you know that you can go surfing in Munich? The city has created a "wave" that runs all the time in a glacial fed river that runs through the English Gardens. Did I mention it was snowing when I arrived? There were 5 people surfing when we walked by:

Surfing in Munich
Careful, they might be insane.

Ah, here's one where you can see the snow and surfing better:
Surfing in Munich

The main reason we went was to go to the Christmas markets. I think we went to three of them before I caved in and went home to lay in bed and moan.

Christmas Markets

There's a beautiful cathedral right in the center of the old town:


I don't actually have any more pictures to share. I'll try to get more when I head to Luxembourg (tomorrow).


Shannon said...

FUCK FUCK FUCK I want to live in Europe!

courtney said...

You realize I'm going to ask you to take me to all of these places when we come visit, right? Even though that might be impossible, it's not going to prevent me from asking.

Adam said...

Schei├če!! That looks cold.

Mickey said...

Actually, I did know that. Challenge me, damnit!

Cool pictures.

Karla said...

Hi Honey- I've been missing you. I hope you are feeling better. Merry Christmas! xoxox