Wednesday, May 24

I need a vacation

I've been really mean to my students these past two days. I'm frustrated because most of them just bombed a test on material I thought they understood. Even my honors class, I gave them an open book, take home quiz and no one did better than a low B.

There are 3 more teaching weeks before finals. Just 3 more weeks before the term ends. A huge percentage of my worst class is failing. And they seem resigned to it - to either being in summer school or back in the same class next year. Dear god, I would have rather been shot in the foot than repeated a class. How boring?! I need to find a way to get them to buy into the fact that they can change their grades. But right now, their behavior (poor) and lack of task accomplishment just makes me angry.

However, this weekend is Memorial Day, a three day weekend! X-Men 3 opens Friday night and I've already got my tickets. I'm baking a cake Saturday and he's volunteered to help. Prom is Sunday night. The boy and I are getting all dressed up and going out. And I think he's got something special planned for after. Maybe we'll go cherry picking Sunday afternoon. And then game day on Monday with grilling. Vacation, here I come!

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