Sunday, May 14

What is going on?

Do I even want to keep this farce up? I mean I now post, what?, once every 4 months? Should I try to start again? Not really, any time I spend creating internet materials should probably be spent on my also sorely neglected class website.

But here I am. I'm in a funk. My alergies have been ~horrible~ these past few days. I'm back to the days of loading up on antihistamines, which I hate. Also, the boy is away in Seattle, location of our 2nd date except now he's there without me. Sad.

But of course I'm me, which means I've already had a compltely full weekend. Last night I hung out with Beth, who's the daughter of my parents best friends. We grew up together and it was nice to connect with someone who's known you for so long, knows your parents and the exact situation you grew up in. It was nice to talk about life here, how much more we like it, but also how different it is.

This morning was my dear friend Adam's 30th birthday brunch. I got to meet his family, who I've heard so much about. It was great, but then it was crowded and I don't handle crowds well, even of very friendly warm open people.

So I came home and I was going to nap because of the aforementioned allergies have made me weary. But instead I poked around craigslist looking at apartments for rent as the boy and I are discussing moving in together next fall. So yes, it is too soon to be looking at places, but it's still nice to know our options. And as much as I hate the commute, I don't think I can leave the East Bay. I love it over here. It's sunny and has yards with fruit trees. SF is crowded, cloudy and concrete-y, except in the Mission where it's sunny. But that's too close to work. I don't want to run into my students on weekends.

Anyway, that's where I'm at. Oh, our high school's baseball team (the O'Connell Boilermakers) made it to the playoffs. We're the smallest school in our district going up against the biggest on Monday, wish us luck!

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collateral evidence said...

Good luck!!! It's hard to believe that your first year of teaching is nearly at an end, Em. I'd keep up the blog if I were you--it's nice to have the updates. :)