Tuesday, May 30

Check Yes or No

I got a note on Friday that read:
Hi Emily,
I think you're really fun and interesting. I think we'd have a really great time going to prom together. If you want we can go just as friends, but I'd really like to get to know you better.

The me being, of course, Wil. I checked yes as prom was Sunday (yes, the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, we got a cheaper rate). We got all dressed up, I had my makeup done at the MAC counter Carnival style

We had dinner first and then stayed at a fancy hotel. It was the prom you see in the movies. It was great.

See the whole set of photos here


linda said...

That is such a sweet story ~ wish my prom had been that fun!

juli claire said...

How cool is that!? Everything - the carnival makeup, the note from Wil, the pictures, the description. I'm really happy for you!