Tuesday, May 30

Check Yes or No

I got a note on Friday that read:
Hi Emily,
I think you're really fun and interesting. I think we'd have a really great time going to prom together. If you want we can go just as friends, but I'd really like to get to know you better.

The me being, of course, Wil. I checked yes as prom was Sunday (yes, the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, we got a cheaper rate). We got all dressed up, I had my makeup done at the MAC counter Carnival style

We had dinner first and then stayed at a fancy hotel. It was the prom you see in the movies. It was great.

See the whole set of photos here

Wednesday, May 24

I need a vacation

I've been really mean to my students these past two days. I'm frustrated because most of them just bombed a test on material I thought they understood. Even my honors class, I gave them an open book, take home quiz and no one did better than a low B.

There are 3 more teaching weeks before finals. Just 3 more weeks before the term ends. A huge percentage of my worst class is failing. And they seem resigned to it - to either being in summer school or back in the same class next year. Dear god, I would have rather been shot in the foot than repeated a class. How boring?! I need to find a way to get them to buy into the fact that they can change their grades. But right now, their behavior (poor) and lack of task accomplishment just makes me angry.

However, this weekend is Memorial Day, a three day weekend! X-Men 3 opens Friday night and I've already got my tickets. I'm baking a cake Saturday and he's volunteered to help. Prom is Sunday night. The boy and I are getting all dressed up and going out. And I think he's got something special planned for after. Maybe we'll go cherry picking Sunday afternoon. And then game day on Monday with grilling. Vacation, here I come!

Is an update in order?

I feel like somehow I should post an update to my last post. But really, my life is still where it was a few days ago. I have valued the input of my friends. Words given to the suspicions I had about their feelings towards my relationship. In the end though, as has been stated, I'm the only one who knows what it's like when it's just him and me, I know what it's like being with him and his family, with him and my family and all those parts are amazing and wonderful. With more exposure, hopefully it will get to be just as wonderful with my friends or at least more palatable for them. All I can say to you, dear friends, is that don't give up on him yet. He just takes a l...o...n...g time to get comfortable around people.

Monday, May 22

I don't get it

My dear lovely housemate Joy and I shared dinner tonight at our house, just the two of us. It was nice, it's been a while since this has happened, but looking back to last April-June, it was this way a lot as we hunted for a new housemate. But now Amy's leaving for the summer and so am I and so Joy and I got to discussing where I'm at as far as living in our house goes. Back in October, I signed a lease agreeing to be here until the end of this coming September ('06).

However, I'll be traveling from June 15 - Aug 15th, so I don't really want to pay rent, so I'm half-heartedly looking for a subletter, which is hard to find. Also, Amy's definitely going to have a subletter as she needs help paying the rent, where as I could pay it if I need to. Anyway, and then as I've posted, the boy and I are discussing moving in together in the fall. So really, I"m looking for my replacement, which is sad as I love our house.

And then in talking to Joy telling her that I was going to live with the boy she asked, "Don't you think it's a little soon?" Well, by the time we'd actually move in together it'll be a month shy of a year. Not that I care particularly whether it's been a year, we're already spending 3+ nights a week together. Also she told me, "I just don't get it. You don't seem like a subdued version of the old Emily with him. When was the last time you wore fake eyelashes?" And then she tells me it's not just her amongst our friends who "don't get it."

And now here I am, having a "Sex and the City" running monologue with myself. Questioning. I admire her and thanked her for having the guts to say it to me. It's a good friend who will tell you that she doesn't understand (approve of) your relationship. But in the end, I am the one living in it and loving being in it.

I am in love with a full on introvert who doesn't do well in groups and claims to hate hippies. (Yet, here he is in love with one.) However, this does mean that he comes into conflict with my group of hippy friends. I'm fairly confident that my group of peninsula friends don't hate him, though maybe they don't get it either??

And nope, I haven't worn fake eyelashes since October. Is that because of the boy or is it because I am way too tired to consider going out dancing if the event is after 9 pm? Going out dancing and partying all night never really were who I was, though I spent about a year out here living that lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, I love it, I love dancing when the music is great. But no one would ever call me an audiophile and I'm just as happy being in bed at 9. Is the real Emily really gone? I'm still traveling as much, if not more and managing to actually work a full time job doing something I love. I'm not cooking as much, true, again because of the job not the boy.

So if any of the three of you who used to read my blog are still out there, I'd love a response.


Sunday, May 14

What is going on?

Do I even want to keep this farce up? I mean I now post, what?, once every 4 months? Should I try to start again? Not really, any time I spend creating internet materials should probably be spent on my also sorely neglected class website.

But here I am. I'm in a funk. My alergies have been ~horrible~ these past few days. I'm back to the days of loading up on antihistamines, which I hate. Also, the boy is away in Seattle, location of our 2nd date except now he's there without me. Sad.

But of course I'm me, which means I've already had a compltely full weekend. Last night I hung out with Beth, who's the daughter of my parents best friends. We grew up together and it was nice to connect with someone who's known you for so long, knows your parents and the exact situation you grew up in. It was nice to talk about life here, how much more we like it, but also how different it is.

This morning was my dear friend Adam's 30th birthday brunch. I got to meet his family, who I've heard so much about. It was great, but then it was crowded and I don't handle crowds well, even of very friendly warm open people.

So I came home and I was going to nap because of the aforementioned allergies have made me weary. But instead I poked around craigslist looking at apartments for rent as the boy and I are discussing moving in together next fall. So yes, it is too soon to be looking at places, but it's still nice to know our options. And as much as I hate the commute, I don't think I can leave the East Bay. I love it over here. It's sunny and has yards with fruit trees. SF is crowded, cloudy and concrete-y, except in the Mission where it's sunny. But that's too close to work. I don't want to run into my students on weekends.

Anyway, that's where I'm at. Oh, our high school's baseball team (the O'Connell Boilermakers) made it to the playoffs. We're the smallest school in our district going up against the biggest on Monday, wish us luck!