Sunday, May 25

"Extra" Time

Since the seniors are all done with their IB exams, that means they're all done with school. Thus, every other day, I have one more prep period. In theory, I should be using this time to get ready for next year, where I'll be teaching the much harder part of the higher level syllabus. Including integration to find the volume of surfaces made by revolution as well as differential equations and advanced sequence and series type stuff. Formulas named after people, McLaurin, L'Hopital, etc. I know I knew their names once long ago but it is going to take some serious brushing up.

Have I been using my prep to do that though? No, of course not. I have spent some of the time writing new exams for my grade 11s since at this point I have no idea what they've seen and what they haven't. I've graded some tests and thought about the best way to teach completing the square to my grade 10s. Does anyone remember doing this? I used to love it and loved teaching it, but mostly as I'm excitedly bouncing around the room my students just look at me as though I was crazy. Which is probably true.

However, most of the time has been spent reading blogs. And I thought those people should get some acknowledgment, so here you go. There are my friends from the bay area, they're being all crafty and shit, making wedding dresses and funky baby blankets, there's one who's about to add a new addition to the family. Then there are my other friends to catch up on, my cooking friends and of course the constant stream of amusing tales from The Prettiest Denny's Waitress. Occasionally I'll go and check out the ex-boyfriend's blog as well.

What I notice most of all is that all the witty posts that I come up with in my head, never actually end up online. Once I'm actually in front of the computer, what tends to come out is stream-of-conscious dribble. A lot like when you talk to me in person. It's only in my head that I can form organized, amusing thoughts. Hell, who am I kidding? Even in my head my thoughts jump around, "jump, up jump up and get down."


Mickey said...

Thanks for the shout-out. Now get back to work, slacker.

Joy said...

Em, darling. You DO realize that most places in Norway are further north than Moscow? So you'd have the same lack of sunshine most of the year problem... However, the Norwegians are probably much cuter, so you'd have that going for you. :)
Love to you!