Friday, May 23

In a funk

It's been grey and rainy all week. I wish that I was at home on my couch reading my book club book - The Devil in the White City. Normally we read fiction, but this is historical non-fiction. It follows two stories, the creation of the Chicago World Fair and a serial killer who was preying on young women who had just discovered independence. I'm really enjoying it and learning a lot. For instance, the Ferris Wheel was created to out-Eiffel Eiffel (the Eiffel Tower was built for the Paris World Fair), Cracker Jacks were invented and sold as a fair snack and on Dedication day someone in the department of education thought it would be great if every child in America recited a pledge at the same time...

I masochistically keep looking at job postings for other schools. There's a United World College school in northern Norway still looking for an IB maths teacher. I did my IB training at the UWC in America. They're all small 2 year boarding schools; all students are there on scholarship; there are usually around 200 students from 80 countries - good bye racial cliques! There are 10 around the world all with the focus of helping the world through global education. The one in Norway is on a fjord. I could hike or snow shoe every day. I hope who ever they hire is temporary and that I can convince them of how perfect I'd be for the 2009 and on school years.


Mickey said...

I forgot about that book. A bunch of people kept telling me I should read it a few years ago. Maybe this time I will.

That Norway job sounds incredible. I hope they have an opening when you need it.

Nate said...

That's one of my favorite books. So good.