Friday, May 2

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

Dumb, dumb. Argh. I had a really terrible day Wednesday. One of my students was suspended because I figured out that he cheated on his exam. Not only did he cheat, but it was so obvious that was annoying too. He didn't even have the smarts to make his answers look different from the key - that he'd taken when I had a sub and made a copy of.

So I was in a bad mood. Not angry, but so hurt and upset because this puts him on the border of expulsion. And really he's a good kid, he just feels like he's under so much pressure to succeed that he'll do anything.

Anyway, all this is in my brain as I leave at the end of the day to head to softball practice. I just had to pick up some copies off the printer in the staff lounge to submit to our copy room. So I set down my sweater and digital camera, and go submit my copies. Then I go to practice... without the sweater and camera. I actually realized in the locker room that I didn't have my sweater, but didn't go back for it, because it's so warm out. I assumed I'd had the smarts to put my camera in my bag. But no, I finally look for the camera when I get home to take the picture of the day and it's not there. So of course, yesterday when I went to look for it, the sweater is there, the camera is not. SO DUMB! Oh, so angry with myself.



linda said...

I am sorry you had such a crappy day.

linda said...

Also, that someone didn't turn in your camera instead of helping themselves to it. That sucks!